Trading is interesting. Those who have gained profits from trading will think this way. People who also have seen how traders gain profits are also interested to follow the same path. In trading, there are brokers that will provide access for trading. In addition to broker or trading companies, there is also what is so called as social trading platform. MyFxbook is one of them. Of course, it is interesting to know more about the platform and the benefits offered by the platform.

Things to Know About MyFxbook Platform

MyFxbook can be considered as the unique service providers in trading. Mostly, trading services are related to the brokers or brokerage companies. However, MyFxbook is unique platform where it provides a social trading platform. To more specific, it offers a service to copy trades. This is something unique, but it is proven useful. Even, there are around 40 brokers from many companies that have cooperated with MyFxbook because of its great services.

Copying services from MyFxbook are surely interesting. Some traders have used the services to gain passive income from trading. As its name implies, it is a service that enables trader to copy other traders’ strategy and approaches in trading. In other word, it is like following the same path of other traders in trading. MyFxbook will provide the information and necessary services to process the copying procedures.

Information Provided by the MyFxbook

In order to copy the trades, there are some kinds of information provided by the platform of MyFxbook. One of them is the financial statistics. Of course, traders need to check the financial statistic before they copy. They need to make sure that the traders who will be copied have good statistics in trading. This is the basic things to do before starting the process.

MyFxbook provides clear statistics about the financial information. Even, it provides the financial charts. The charts show clearly how the traders trade. It will show his or her success rate in trading and it is easy to know the growth rate and profits gained by the traders. Transaction histories are also displayed so it is easier to copy. There is still other information that can be found so later traders can make proper consideration before they copy the trading.