Gluing process with hot melt adhesive becomes popular choices. The gluing process can provide good results where the objects can be glued strongly the products can have better quality. However, the hot melt adhesive is not without risks. The gluing process will require high temperature. Mostly, it will demand temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius to fully melt the adhesive material so it will be ready to use. With the high temperature, safety becomes concern because it can cause burns without proper attention. Thus, Robatech provides automatic filling system for adhesive that will provide both efficiency and safety in the whole industrial process.

Safety in Using Automatic Filling System for Adhesive

Safety becomes the concern. It is not only the safety for operators that will be responsible in controlling and operating the gluing process in which they may need to have direct contact with the tank of hot melt adhesives, but it is also to provide full safety for the whole industry. In this case, Robatech develops the automatic filling system that can provide operator protection. In the automatic filling system, it does not require direct filling process to the hot tank. The adhesive granule will be placed into different container, and it does not have high temperature. With the separated container, it will give better protection and the whole system will provide better temperature management. By doing so, operators will be safe, and the granules still can be melted perfectly so it will be ready for gluing process.

Other Benefits of Automatic Filling System from Robatech

The automatic filling system can provide better efficiency in the whole industrial processes. The container can have different volumes and each industry can choose the most suitable one and it will save the time because it will not be necessary to continuously refill the container. With the provided volume, it saves time, and it will also be useful because the refilling system requires less maintenance. Regular maintenance is still needed, but it is not too complicated to do because Robatech has made it simpler. Then, the automatic filling system can provide constant and consistent gluing quality. The temperature can remain stable, and it even can provide high precision in gluing.