The Art of Drinking


If you’re particularly searching for the most traditional way of drinking (inuman) in the Philippines, you shouldn’t miss this place in Quezon called Tayabas.

The art of drinking has its own roots in every place but all are one in the name of spirit and tradition, that is celebration! And there has got to be something special that we look forward to in drinking in this town, where traces of history can be found in every street you trek. What else could that be but the famous coco vodka – “lambanog.” Lambanog is a famous drink among Filipinos and you can find one of the richest and most flavorful beverages only in Tayabas.

So how do we go about the making of lambanog? Made from the nectar of flowers of coconut trees (where Quezon Province is the leader of plantation in Southern Tagalog), this is then distilled and made into lambanog. But this is not how easy the process is because getting all the flowers from coconut trees could be a really difficult task. Men of the locality will climb up these trees and would cross from one tree to another using a long bamboo tree that is connected to the tress. What only make it look easy is that this isn’t simply a business they run but has been part of their culture. Another interesting thing about this vodka is its flavor. As time went by, local distillers from this town have defined the richness of the taste of lambanog. You can now see it colorful bottles with flavors such as bubble gum, mango, calamansi and the like.

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HIV Cases in Quezon Have Risen

This was an article from, someone had sent it over to me.

According to Dr. Irene Grafil, coordinator for HIV/AIDS and other STDs within the Quezon City Health Department in the Philippines, the frequency of MSM (men who have sex with men) encounters has made the city a high-risk area for contracting HIV. Health Department records for the city show that from January to August of 2012, 266 cases were reported, and of this number, 162 involved gay men who claimed they had engaged in “very risky” MSM relations. For the same time period last year, 181 cases had been reported. Make sure you get tested locally before you travel, places like San Francisco or San Jose have testing.

The Department of Health had earlier listed Quezon City as one of six cities in the Philippines with the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS cases. The other five are Manila, Pasay, Angeles, Cebu, and Davao. Grafil states that interviews conducted by her team indicate that homosexuals feel that the city is “MSM-friendly,” and they experience less harassment there. Grafil’s program staff members visit the cruising sites frequented by these individuals several times a month. Individuals originally meet in cyberspace through blogs and social networking sites, which are used to enter into “transactions.” After making initial contact, they then usually meet at bars and go to other locations such as massage parlors, saunas, malls, and parks.

The majority of gay men interviewed are employed individuals aged 24 to 34 years old, who have the additional money needed to pay for the services of male sex workers (MSW), according to Grafil. The city’s social hygiene clinic registry monitors 600-700 MSWs in the city, 42 percent of whom have said that they are either married or in relationships with females. Grafil noted that health officials are concentrating on those cases, since if the man becomes infected he may pass it along to his partner, and if she becomes pregnant, it may be transmitted to the infant. Grafil is recommending what she terms the “ABCDE” approach to avoiding HIV/AIDS: “A for abstinence; B for being mutually faithful and staying in a monogamous relationship; C for correct use of condoms; D for doing away with drugs (which would involve sharing needles); and E for early diagnosis and education.”

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Thanks to Eric

Have a friend Eric that writes about dog stuff, well my dog recently got fleas and he conveniently had a flea remedy.   That’s some great timing.

I couldn’t get all the fleas out of the carpet and the couches, it was insane.  But Eric’s post helped me out.   You really gotta clean everything before you start the flea treatment.   Then you can start the flea treatment, my new favorite is Comforis, I think it’s from Australia, I don’t know but it works and it works fast.   That and I tried that other suggestion about the collar, that thing works good and it’s just wood.   Apparently they hate the wood smell, a lot of different bugs are scared off by it.

Happy Dog
Happy Calm Dog

What a different the dogs are when they have had their flea medicine or cures.   It’s amazing, I hate to see my dog constantly itching for fleas, so if you know anyone with fleas have them check out

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Local Sponser

Just wanted to give a thanks out to Ray Douglas Realtor, a local Real Estate Agent from the Bay Area.   He has helped explore quezon get some support.   We were able to raise some proceeds for a local charity and were glad he’s on our side.   We met him through a travel agent that has also helped us and they both have been great.  Shout out to Sharon also!! If you know anyone that wants to help support projects in Quezon then please let us know.   Hope you’re having a great day.


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Quezon Trip

Took a trip to Quezon and it was a lot of fun, got up at 8am and headed out to SFO in a Limo!  It was our anniversary and was so excited to be heading to Quezon.   The ride there was amazing, we had one momosa, had to it was such a great atmosphere.   We made a couple stops on the way because we had time.  Went to the Golden Gate Bride and a park in SF.  Was a lot of fun, we have to get one for the whole evening one of these times.   The dispatch guys were saying they have a pink Hummer, that would be a lot of fun with friends.    So we got to the Airport in time and waited a little while for our plane.  The plane ride went smooth and we ended up on our Anniversary vacation!!! I’ll post updates of the trip at some other point, had a lot of interesting things.

Corinthian Limo

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Philippines 1936 Roosevelt Quezon Dollar

Phillipines Peso

This is pretty cool, a rare Philippine Island Peso.  In 1898 the United States defeated Spain and the Philipines became United States possession.  By 1935 “Nation Building” had progressed to the point where the Philippines were ready to make the important transition from a U.S. Territory to a self-governing Commonwealth. A Constitution for the Philippines was approved, and on November 15, 1935, the Philippines were granted Commonwealth status, with a promise of full independence by 1946.

To commemorate this important event a three coin commemorative set was struck by the Manila mint in 1936. The set consisted of a Fifty Centavos, and two One Peso Coins. Both of the commemorative Pesos were struck in .800 fineness silver and have an ASW (Actual Silver Weight) of .5144 oz. The diameter (35mm) and weight (20.00 grams) of the 1936 Commemorative Pesos is the same as the regular issue 1907 – 1912 Peso.  I have seen this coin listed on eBay, but there are other places you can probably find this coin.

The 1936 commemorative coins were designed by Ambrosio Morales, a Professor of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. Ten thousand three coin sets were produced. The three coin set had a face value of 2.5 Pesos, equal to $1.25 in U.S. Dollars, and sold for $3.13. Adjusted for inflation that price would be $51.19 in 2013 dollars (a bargain compared to the current issue prices of silver commemoratives).

The obverse design of the Murphy-Quezon Peso features jugate, left facing, busts of Governor-General Frank Murphy, (the last U.S. Governor-General of the Philippines and first U.S. High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of the Philippines) and Philippine President Manual L. Quezon (the first President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines). To the right of the busts is the inscription “November 15, 1935” the date that the Commonwealth was established. Periphery inscriptions are “Commonwealth of the Philippines” (above) and “One Peso” (below).

There is some interesting facts about this coin, hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

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Filipino Mass Bike Ride

Biker with Trumpet
Biker showing Artic support.

Filipinos took part in a bike ride to save the Artic.   In the picture above the bike ride is showing his Trumpet in order to have a good celebration.   They rode through the streets blowing the Trumpets and making noise with their hard music makers.  A biker shows his trumpet to call the crowd’s attention Sunday Sept. 15, 2013 in suburban Quezon City east of Manila, Philippines. Hundreds of Filipino bikers joined the Ice Ride-a global mass bike ride happening in 110 cities in 36 countries to declare their support to the worldwide movement calling for Arctic protection.  What a great show of support that will hopefully make it’s way to Quezon and we will see.

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Tayabas, Quezon Famous For: Basilica Archangel Brief History



Tayabas was noted during the place dotted with “Bayabas” (guava tree). One day, a special couple passing along the area ran out of provisions, and since their destination was still far, they decided to stop and look for food. The guavas were in season then, and the husband, sensing that the fruit could be edible, picked up a few and shared them with his wife. A native of the place happened to pass by and the couple, eager to know what they were eating, asked for the name of the fruit. The native answered “Bayabas”, they misunderstood the word “Tayabas”.

When they reached their destination, they spread the news about the abundance of the fruit laden trees and invited their friends to go and gather fruits. However, as years passed by, bayabas could be rarely found in this place, due perhaps to the great number of coconut trees that dominate the land.

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Congratulations to Bien Zoleta of Lucena City For Reaching the Quarterfinals of the 16th Asian Games Soft Tennis Event held in China



1st Supertour Age-group will be held on 17-18 of December this year at the hard courts of Ouans Worth Farm Resort in Lucena City

This will be the first age-group tennis tournament for Quezon junior players. The tournament is sanctioned by SUPERTOUR, organized by SMASH TENNIS and supported by Quezon business directory and travel guide

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Batch Reunions, School Plays, School Activities, Foundation Days let everyone know email it to [email protected]

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